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Through much of our 80 year history, T. J. Clark has enjoyed a special relationship with Health Care Professionals from many fields of practice.  This site is our way of saying Thank You to our many Doctors of Chiropractic that have contributed their special knowledge and experience in helping us create the best line of Nutritional Supplements of their kind. Chiropractors have known the value of Supplemental Nutrition for a long time. It is a very recent phenomenon that other Doctors and Medical Schools are struggling to "get up to speed" on this all important health care subject.  Today many Universities are struggling to offer worthwhile programs to address the issues of Nutrition and Alternative Health Care. It is too bad that they don't have the "secret weapon" that we have enjoyed over so many years. "Chiropractors", the practitioners on the front lines.  What better source of data is there than that?  Today with the incredible speed of e-mail and the internet, T. J. Clark & Company is able to greatly expand that "secret weapon".  Every day we receive input from our Chiropractor friends that helps us continually improve and add effective supplements to our arsenal of Preventative Natural Medicine. It has been suggested that through this open offer to our Chiropractor Friends we are "letting the cat out of the bag", giving up the secret that has made it possible for us to be so dramatically ahead of the competition in formulating effective supplements.  The simple fact is, however, it takes many years and a great deal of work to perfect formulations.  We have an 80 year head start.  Anyway, we hope this open offer will start something that will lead to more rapid advances in this neglected field. 

So, here is our offer for Chiropractors and other Practicing Health Care Professionals.  Below you will see a representation of our Online Factory Nutritional Pharmacies.  This is a place where your patients can read about, evaluate and purchase  Professional Quality Nutritional Supplements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They can do all this from the comfort and privacy of their own homes where they can take all the time they need to carefully evaluate their purchase decisions.  We would like to give you a $1000.00 Distributor Store free of charge.  The only thing we ask is that you drop us a line occasionally and tell us what you think. That is not a requirement, only a request and something our Chiropractic Doctor Friends have been doing for years. We know that through this system; when your patient wins, we all win. It is just simple logic coming from those who really care about the health and well being of others. If you would care to participate, please review the store below, then give us a call at 1-800-228-0872 or email us at  We promise we'll have you online in no time!


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Our Special offer to Chiropractic Doctors and Other Practicing Health Care Practitioners.  Call us and we will give you our $1000.00 Distributor Store Free of Charge.

Life Source Line-Up
T. J. Clark Professional Nutrition Factory Outlet Store
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Email us to receive information more on purchasing your own factory outlet store. 

How T. J. Clark Factory Outlet Stores Work

These Stores are designed just like a land based store with these exceptions:

  • NEW Starter Store:  For $100.00 plus setup fees* you can own a fully functional Factory Store where you will receive 10% Commission on all product sold through your store. Click  HERE  for details.
  • Dealer:  You do not need to purchase product to sell.  All product is shipped directly from the factory at no cost to you.   You never pay for product unless you buy it for your own use.  The sales transaction is completely automatic, your only involvement is to receive the profit!  As a dealer you make 33.3% profit from each sale processed through your store, but without the liability nor the overhead expenses associated with a land based store.  This store is priced at $500.00.  Rent and Maintenance fees are $60.00 per year.  Rent and Maintenance fees are currently prepaid for you for the first year  by T. J. Clark & Company.

  • Distributor:  You become both a Dealer and a Distributor.  You receive all of the benefits of the retail store, but you become the exclusive distributor to other dealers who purchase a Factory Outlet Store through your store.  Your new dealer automatically purchases all of the product sold through that store from you at a 25% profit to you.  Once again these transactions are entirely automatic.  You pay nothing, you just collect the profit.  This store is priced at $1000.00.  Rent and Maintenance fees are $120.00 per year.  Rent and Maintenance fees are currently prepaid for you for the first year by T. J. Clark & Company. 

*There is a $100.00 one time charge to build and activate your store.




  • Dealer receives 33.3% profit  from retail sales.
  • Distributor receives 33.3% profit from retail sales plus 25% profit from wholesale sales.
  • Stores are fully automated. Any time anyone purchases products at your store you receive your profit from the sale.
  • No hidden costs or special requirements.

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